West Houston Airport Convenient to Downtown Houston, the Galleria, Memorial City, and the Energy Corridor






Discovery Flights


The "Discovery Flight" is an exciting, easy, and economical first step into the world of aviation. A LEARN TO FLY video is viewed before the flight. This video outlines the process of obtaining your Private Pilot's license. This is then followed with a thirty minute introductory flight with an FAA certificated flight instructor, in a Cessna 172S, around the West Houston / Katy area. Following the flight, you and your instructor will have a chance to discuss any questions and make the appropriate entries into your pilot logbook.


These flights can be scheduled for any day of the week from 8:00 am until dark. Scheduling can best be made within a few days in advance, and about one to one-and-a-half hours should be allowed.


Cost - $169.00


Proficiency Training


Proficiency training in airplanes operated by the Flight School or in customer owned airplanes is available for check-out, re-currency training, flight reviews, or advanced training. These training sessions are tailored to the particular pilot's needs and type of equipment used. We can satisfy most FAA and insurance company requirements.


Pinch-Hitter Course


This is intended for the "backseat or co-pilot flyer" (wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, etc.) who rides in an airplane frequently but is not a pilot. This course is designed to train you to operate the airplane and land at a point of safety in the event the pilot suffers a disabling illness. You may be trained in your airplane or in one operated by the school. You will learn how to obtain medical advice, emergency assistance in operating the airplane, navigation, and communication. This course will give you added confidence in flying.


Private Pilot


Federal Aviation Regulations require a minimum of 40 hours Total Training In Flight, including 20 hours dual (with a flight instructor) and 10 hours solo flying. The popular 4-seat Cessna 172S (new model) airplanes are used. They have more features than other trainers, like the high wing for maximum lift and stability, all-around windows for 360° visibility, and a 180 horsepower Lycoming engine for economical operation. They are the world's most popular trainers. Throughout your flight training. you will be supervised by your flight instructor who is following federal regulation standards. All of our training and rental airplanes are equipped for Instrument Rating Training and instrument rental. Some of them are electronic panel equipped.

Typical Private Pilot Training


20 hours dual flight training (with instructor)
10 hours solo flight
10 hours additional flight experience (solo or dual)
40 hours total flight experience minimum


10 hours ground instruction

Private Pilot Ground School (12 classes)


Books, charts and supplies

Multi-Engine Rating


An applicant for a multi-engine rating may qualify for his rating if he is a licensed pilot and meets minimum requirements of skill in multi-engine aircraft of his choice. No written test is required and the student has a choice of equipment he can use. The multi-engine check is administered by the examiner. Course costs will vary with student experience and type of equipment used.


Instrument Pilot


To obtain an FAA Instrument Rating, the applicant must possess a Private Pilot Certificate with 50 hours Pilot-In-Command Cross-Country time, and a minimum of 40 hours of instrument flight training. Different airplanes may be used for this course, but the most common is the Cessna 172S.

Typical Instrument Pilot Training


40 hours dual flight training (with instructor)

Instrument Pilot Ground School (10 classes)

Books, charts and supplies


Commercial Pilot


To obtain a Commercial Pilot Certificate, the applicant must possess at least 250 hours total flying time, as well as 100 hours Pilot-In-Command, and other qualifying times. This course utilizes the Cessna 172S, as well as the Beechcraft Bonanza. Other airplanes may be substituted for those listed. The data below is based on 200 hours after obtaining the Private Pilot Certificate.

Typical Commercial Pilot Training


40 hours dual flight - 172S
110 hours solo flight - 172S
10 hours dual - Advanced Training Aircraft
20 hours Individual Ground Instruction
40 hours Ground School Class
Books, charts and supplies